Voicemeeter – Mix your Sound

VoiceMeeter makes it possible! Manage and mix hardware and software audio on your computer. Mix your voice and computer sound to speakers and headphone. In one word, manage your sound in a rational wa...

Voicemeeter – Differences

VoiceMeeter Superfoods for Windows: Banana & Potato Which one do you need? Check the differences! VoiceMeeter Banana: http://vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm… VoiceMeeter Potato: http://vb-audi...

Voicemeeter Update

For your conferences or any video meetings, educational or professional, if you need more than one headset, get Voicemeeter now! The new virtual audio mixer for Windows: http://voicemeeter.com

Voicemeeter -Video Tutorial

Our next Video Tutorial is online: it’s about how to install Voicemeeter Banana! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIfnU97c1pQ#action=share

Voicemeeter – New Update

Voicemeeter Potato comes with a multi-channel Parametric EQ – built into every bus. Each Master bus provides a professional Equalizer with 6 full parametric 3-Band EQs for the eight channels of ...