Streamlabs OBS – Some new features

  1. Learn how to make your stream a more fun and engaging experience for your viewers using Text-to-Speech. Video here:
  2. Today we are showing you how to apply audio filters in #StreamlabsOBS so you can sound like a pro! Check out the video here:
  3. Streamlabs now supports Motion Effect! Easily create custom animated scene transitions by yourself! Read our tutorial to learn more
  4. #StreamlabsOBS now supports #OpenVR! Click the link below to learn how to start streaming #VR games! Learn more:
  5. Introducing #GoLiveBot
    Automatically inform your followers when you go live! Seamlessly update your display name, bio, and profile picture when you start streaming! Install here:
  6. You can now browse our full catalog of alert themes! Visit our new Alert Box theme library to find alerts that match your style! Click here to get started:
  7. The @NVIDIAGeForce Broadcast App is out now, supported on any GeForce RTX, TITAN RTX or Quadro RTX GPU! Learn how to use it in #StreamlabsOBS to remove background noise, add virtual backgrounds, and auto frame your webcam! Get started here:
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Written by gioia
Äs Bärner Meitschi wo d'Schnurre grösser isch aus z'Gameplay :)
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