Monat: August 2020

Twitch – default emotes

Creating your brand takes time and investment, so we’re hooking you up with a free library of default emotes until you find an artist that fits your style! Partners and Affiliates can now choose...

Streamlabs – Multistream

You can now Multistream to custom destinations! Check out the blog below to learn more multistreaming with #Streamlabs.

Voicemeeter – Differences

VoiceMeeter Superfoods for Windows: Banana & Potato Which one do you need? Check the differences! VoiceMeeter Banana:… VoiceMeeter Potato: http://vb-audi...

Streamlabs – Stream VR Games easy

Live streaming VR games just got a whole lot easier! #StreamlabsOBS now officially supports #OpenVR! Learn more here:

Twitch – Control your Clips

Have more control over who can create Clips on your channel! Similar to chat permissions, now you can limit Clip creation to your followers and/or subscribers only. Moderators and editors‘ abili...

Streamlabs – Motion Effect

Streamlabs now supports Motion Effect! Easily create animated scene transitions by yourself! Read our tutorial to learn more:

Streamlabs – New update for Mac

Virtual Camera Support Multistream capability Multiple bug fixes Learn more here: – sucht Streamer für ihr Team sucht für ihr Stream Team Leute, weitere Infos findest du hier:

Streamlabs – Import commands from another chatbot

Learn how to import commands from other chatbots into Streamlabs‘ Cloudbot! Learn how here: Get Cloudbot here:

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