Monat: Mai 2020

Xsplit – Scene Presets

Take your production to the next level with Scene Presets! This nifty little feature allows you to animate sources within your scene by changing its position, color, or size. Learn how to set up Prese...

Twitch – Affiliate Onboarding Guide

We have updated our Affiliate Onboarding Guide to reflect a reduction in payout fees. Click here to check out the new payout fees:

StreamlabsOBS – Dynamic Bitrate

#StreamlabsOBS now has Dynamic Bitrate! Turn this feature on to prevent dropping frames!

Streamlabs – New Feature

Add professionally designed panels to your live stream. Let viewers easily donate, buy merch, visit socials, and more! Learn more here: Get panels here:

Streamstatistik April 2020

Auch im April waren unsere Mitglieder wieder fleissig am streamen: – 4’122 Stunden wurden insgesamt gestreamt, sprich wenn jeder unserer Mitglieder gestreamt hätte, hätte jeder 23 Stunden ...

Twitch – Esports Section

Esports now has a home on Twitch. Check out the Esports Directory to watch live events, catch up on past matches, and discover pro player’s channels.… Learn more: ht...

Streamlabs – New Layout Editor

New Layout Editor Features are LIVE! – Display web pages– Selective Recording preview screens – Layout Editor Profile Pages Check out the article below to learn more ways you can cus...