Monat: März 2020

Streamlabs – Dynamic Bitrate

Dynamic Bitrate | Prevent Dropping Frames by Automatically Adjusting to Network Conditions. Learn more:

Twitch – New Channel Page

Hey Streamers! At TwitchCon, we announced changes coming to the Channel Page. Today, we’re excited to launch a Streamer Preview, giving you the opportunity to check out and setup your new Channe...

Streamlabs – New Layout Editor

Personalize Streamlabs OBS With Our New Layout Editor. Available on all platforms for free! Customize the layout of Streamlabs OBS to your own liking. Learn more!

Streamlabs – Multi-track recording

Multi-track recording separates desktop audio and audio from microphones into individual tracks. Now you can isolate specific tracks, giving you more possibilities for edits later on.

Streamlabs – Additional Analytics

Need some more stream stats? Get additional analytics and information using the advanced stats tab. Check it out here

Mixer – New features

Today we’re rolling out some new features that will enhance the viewing experience across Mixer, as well as improvements for our streamers. Check out our blog for the full details – and stay tun...

Twitch – More settings for Leaderboards

We’ve added more settings for channel Leaderboards! Partners & Affiliates can now select either Top Gifters or Top Cheerers as the default Leaderboard. Additionally, you can now disable eith...

Streamlabs – Automatic Game Capture

If you are primarily streamin‘ games, we highly recommend you use Automatic Game Capture! Save some time and focus on the chat

Voicemeeter Update

For your conferences or any video meetings, educational or professional, if you need more than one headset, get Voicemeeter now! The new virtual audio mixer for Windows:

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