Monat: Februar 2020

Twitch – Hype Train

Calling all Conductors! Starting today, new Hype Train Conductors will be awarded special badges as a thank you for keeping the Train on track. Check out our Hype Train Guide to learn more. https://he...

Streamlabs – New Layout Editor

Personalize Streamlabs OBS With Our New Layout Editor! Available for #Twitch, #YouTubeGaming, #FacebooGaming, and #Mixer. Learn more

Streamlabs – Selective Recording

We’re transforming the way you record content from your live stream. Selective Recording is a revolutionary new feature from Streamlabs that allows you to pick and choose the sources that appear...

Voicemeeter -Video Tutorial

Our next Video Tutorial is online: it’s about how to install Voicemeeter Banana!

Streamlabs – Customize a Tweet

We strive to create a seamless user experience for you! Fully customize a tweet and automatically share it with your followers directly in Streamlabs OBS. Read our blog to learn more! https://blog.str...

Streamlabs – Advanced Overlay Maker

The newest version of @NerdsPwn Advanced Overlay Maker is here and it’s better than ever! – Better Workflow– New Design– Faster Use the link below to check out the easiest and ...

Streamlabs – New Layout Editor

Personalize Streamlabs OBS With Our New Layout Editor Available for #Twitch, #YouTubeGamingLive, #FacebookGaming, and #Mixer. Learn more!

Discord – Update

We’re tidying up to declutter your Discord experience! Please tenderly whisper “goodbye and thank you” to the following features: ◆ Activity Feed ◆ Universal Game Launcher ◆ Library Tab We wrote up so...

Streamlabs – New layout Editor

Take control of the way you want Streamlabs OBS to appear with our new Layout Editor. Whether you want a simple design or prefer to see everything, with six different layout options, the choice is you...

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