Monat: Januar 2020

Xsplit – How to set DAW Audio

This is an amazing walkthrough that goes in details on how to use DAW audio while using XSplit! You should check it out! 😉

Streamlabs – New to streaming?

New to streaming? Streamlabs OBS will analyze your internet speed and computer hardware to give you our recommended. You can run the optimizer again by navigating to the setting menu and clicking R...

Voicemeeter – New Update

Voicemeeter Potato comes with a multi-channel Parametric EQ – built into every bus. Each Master bus provides a professional Equalizer with 6 full parametric 3-Band EQs for the eight channels of ...

TwitchCon – Tickets nun erhältlich

Today is the day. TwitchCon Amsterdam tickets are on sale now. Get yours here and join the European Twitch community:

Bericht über VSCC auf

Es freut uns sehr, dass uns einen Artikel gewidmet hat. Wer den noch nicht gelesen hat, er ist sonst hier zu finden:

Streamlabs – Cloud Backups

Computer die? Switching machines? Save your streaming setup to the cloud with Streamlabs OBS

Twitch – Hypetrain

Der Hype Train hat deinen Kanal erreicht! Diese XXL-Party ist die neueste Möglichkeit für deine Community, sich zusammenzuschließen, deinen Stream zu unterstützen und dabei Emote-Belohnungen zu sammel...

Streamlabs – Game Overlay

Checking vital info on a single monitor can be tricky. Now With Streamlabs Game Overlay, you can view chat and events overlayed on top of the screen. Check it out today!

Xsplit – Update 3.9

Per Scene Recording, LUTs and more can be found in XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 update and @Gazreyn has all the info you need in the blog post below. If you haven’t updated yet, now is the time! https...

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